17 September 2009

You asked, I answered- the finale

***Before we get to the post for today, please pray for E over at The Mommy Diaries and for her dad today. He's having prostate cancer surgery in MN this morning. Circumstances being what they are, she cannot be with him and her mom today, and naturally she's a bit anxious. Pray that the surgery goes well and that E's heart will be calmed, knowing that God is in control and He has what's best for her dad near His heart. Thanks!***

You might remember that in July, I asked my faithful readers if there was any burning question that they wanted to ask. There were a few, and they were good ones.

If you are interested in my husband's and my "love story" go here.

The reasons behind why we moved to this tiny village are all revealed in this post.

Dying to know if we plan to add to our clan? See that story here.

So, for a finale of sorts, my irl friend E over at The Mommy Diaries asked:

"Ok, friend, payback time.... If money and time were no object, what would YOU do?"

I deserved that. Really I did. I had asked her the same question and she answered it beautifully. So now I guess it's my turn.

Drumroll please......

Time AND money? Interesting.

Well, first of all, Jon and I would travel to Canada to meet his extended family. I have heard many a story about several of his uncles (his dad is the fifth child of ten; God bless that woman!) and would really like to spend time with them. Jon's mom has some big plan in the works for a "family wide" trip to Canada next summer, but I'm not really sure that's going to work out for us. So, time and money being no object might be the only what that would ever happen.

Second, we'd travel to England. Jon's mother was born there and both of her sisters live there. Jon's auntie Margaret came to the states in the summer of 2002. She is a really sweet woman and we had an incredible time getting to know her. Caleb shares her birthday, by the way. Not to mention, of course, that there is so much that I have always wanted to see in London. We'd get to do that too! Jon also has cousins who have spouses and children that we'd love to meet!

We'd pay off this house, for sure. And hire someone to get it exactly the way we always wanted. Maybe doing some of the work ourselves, for the satisfaction of doing the work; but the hard stuff we'd hire out. I'd start with the kitchen; recessed lighting, new cabinets, laminate flooring, matching appliances. Big plans, I tell ya.

Jon would want to buy a motor home and travel the US. I can get behind that. Jon's never been west of the Twin Cities, so there are several destinations that we have talked about. Of course, not all of them are west of there, some are east. LOL

I take my Mom to Gettysburg. She's always wanted to go there and hasn't had the opportunity yet. So I'd fly her here (which is about a 45 min flight, by the way) and we'd fly there. And I'm sure that we'd have a great time. Of course, I'd take any time with my mom, we wouldn't have to do a thing. Just sitting and talking over coffee is good enough for me. And if time and money were no object, I'd just go up to her house and do just that; handing her some money to pay off the mortgage so that she could "retire" and stay home to chat, of course.

While it's fun to dream of things we'd like to do if we had all the time and money in the world, I'm humbly blessed with what I have and that's good enough for me!

What would YOU do?


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Good answer! :-) Thanks for the prayers, friend. It means a lot!

Emily said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway.

Gonna say a prayer for E!