14 September 2009


Do you like sports? Do you have a favorite team (or two)?

I sure do.

Yesterday, in sunday school, our leader asked if there were any prayer needs that needed lifted to the Lord.

(Isn't it good that God already knows the details of even the unspoken requests?)

I just mentioned the good report that my Dad received from pathology last Friday. If you and I are facebook friends, I'm sure you'd already seen.

What? Oh, sorry, the report from pathology is that Dad is cancer free!

(psssst,come on ahead and be my facebook friend anyway!)

One of the gentleman that was sitting in class was a visitor, but we know him from various church functions that our denomination does over the course of the year. He pointed out that there was a general "oh, that's great, praise the Lord" mumble about the room.

But shouldn't we cheer?

Shouldn't we want to stand up and shout when God does miraculous things? Shouldn't we want to praise Him in a fashion fitting the situation?

I certainly was, following Friday mornings phone call.

But why don't we? Is it really that looked down upon to yell "Amen!" and lift our hands? If it is, it shouldn't be.

Don't we give everything we have to cheer on sports teams? I sure do. I'm guilty of getting TOO into games sometimes. I cheer and scream and cover my eyes in anticipation of a "clutch kick" to win the game.

Why isn't that our first reaction to the great things that our God can do?

But you'll love this.

One of the other gentlemen pointed out that maybe the reason we cheer for sports and not for God is because we expect God to do the impossible.

Sports teams are human and it's exciting to see them do the "impossible".

But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is too big for God.

And that deserves a CHEER!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

HOORAY! I'm here, Praising the Lord for your dad's results. My dad's surgery is on Thursday--please keep him in your prayers.

Missy said...

David sang and danced in praise and hr was closest to God's heart.

Praise the LORD for your dad's results!!!!