07 October 2009

whole lotta nothin' goin' on.

We had a great weekend at laymen's retreat. We were in Manitowoc right on the shore of Lake Michigan and the scenery was GORGEOUS! Our speaker was wonderful, the hotel staff were excellent and we had some great times with old friends too. For me, the only nerve-wracking part was that I got recruited to lead music at the last minute....but I got reports that it wasn't as bad as I thought. So that's good.

Mid-term grades came home today. Let's just say that if we paid for grades, on one hand we'd be broke. But I guess it would all balance out on the money that we'd save on the other hand.

You know how they say "they don't take after strangers"? You don't? Well, they do....or at least my Mom is known to say that. Anyway, can I tell you that right now, I wish the opposite statement were true. I wish that we weren't having so much trouble getting our second born to follow the rules. To say that he's been in his room a LOT as consequence would be an understatement.

And that kid knows what he's doing too. EVERY DAY, we go through the rules.....and almost every day, the minute he is out of my sight, one or more rules get broken. And he's doing things that he KNOWS he shouldn't. Like knocking a little girl's papers out of her hands just because he was "mad" at her. And being disruptive in the classroom by hanging upside down in his chair. And then there's the fact that he doesn't seem to possess the ability to understand that he needs to SIT ON THE BUS. Or maybe he just doesn't care. He just shrugs his shoulders and grunts when we ask why he can't remember that he needs to sit for HIS SAFETY. He gets so distracted by others around him that he loses his head.


On the upside, after a day of soaking rain, it was absolutely gorgeous out today. I wish that I could live where it is sunny and around 60 degrees all the time. Heaven, I tell ya.

Well, that's about it. I haven't even started either of the paperback books that I bought with my birthday money last week, but I did get the living room windows cleaned inside and out. So that's something.

I'm out.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

He's 7, right? I tell you, it's the odd ages. Keep doing what you're doing--he's testing your limits. Stick to your guns. And then go in the basement, and pour yourself a glass of wine. ;-)