23 October 2009

Seven Quick Takes

This week, I decided to participate in "7 Quick Takes Friday".  You know, for all that stuff that rattles around in my head that I never find worthy of creating a whole post.

Here goes....

#1.  Jill at Scary Mommy was taking entries to win a Flip Camera this week.  As much as I thought that a Flip Camera would be fun to have, I am in no position to admit my parenting failures to the world.  Not that I don't have them, believe me, I do; I just don't think that they need to be out in the open for the general public to beat me about the head and shoulders with, ya know.  I do hope that my friend, Missy at Are You There God? It's Me. wins though.  Just the first story in her entry is priceless.

#2.  I am so sick of hearing about H1N1.  Really.  Our county was going to vaccinate kids for free with parental consent, but Jon decided that neither boy was getting in on that.  I was really on the fence about it, honestly.  Now, of course, notes came home that the clinic for the schools has been delayed.  Should I mention that out of the 14 students in Caleb's class, seven were out sick yesterday?  Seven.  We already dealt with "seasonal flu" in this house WEEKS before the official start of the season.  If H1N1 knocks at my door, I may not survive it.

#3.  So far, we've had to threaten to take trick-or-treating away from Caleb if he doesn't get his work done at school.  And I'm happy to tell you that it's working like nothing else ever has.  What I wonder is what we use for the next thing.....it's not like we can say "No turkey for you, son" and he'll actually care.

#4.  The boys learned a valuable lesson this week.  Thanks to their dad, they learned the value of taking proper care of ones teeth.  I was all prepared to take a picture and post it when Jon came home with what remained of his two teeth that had to be extracted, but it was way too disgusting to even talk about here.  Trust me.  I will probably never have to remind either boy to brush or floss ever again.  And the good news is that you can teach an old dog new tricks Jon learned his lesson too.

#5.  I am really hoping the MRI that I had this week amounts to something.  I'm gonna be some ticked if it comes back clean and this doctor starts thinking that this pain is all in my head.  The shooting pain that has run down my leg for the last two days is certainly NOT in my head.  Not even close. But I think that I will never, probably will should at some point come around to the idea that it's okay if she wants me to wear a shoe lift, even if it is external as far as the shoe goes.  Mom told me that at some point, comfort needs to take priority over vanity.  I should get there in this life time.

#6.  Jon's neice, Heather, is getting married this Saturday.  She was six years old when I joined this family.  I've had the pleasure of watching her and her siblings grow up and that has been a lot of fun!  She is a great young (she's 21!) lady; kind, caring, loves to laugh and loves her family.  She and her fiance Bill are great together and I am so happy for them both.  Now if I can just make it through those two pieces she asked me to sing, it'll be good.

#7.  You know what I like most about living in no man land?  That I have to take the back roads to get anywhere.  And this time of year, that is the way to go.  The scenery has been absolutely breathtaking as of late.  Even now, with most of the trees being slightly past peak, I still enjoy taking in the beauty.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Have you been down Main Street in C-Ville lately? Just by Christus church, the leaves are breathtaking--all yellow--gorgeous. You'll do great at the wedding tomorrow!

Missy said...

Thanks for the plug! =)

I too am tired of the flu vax junk. Either you're getting or not, why keep talking about it?

It was so nice that we actually had a Fall season. I loved getting to experience the beautiful colors that we don't normally see through the rainstorms.