14 May 2009

That's awfully random!

Ya know, this blogging thing IS kinda cool. Recently, since I find myself keeping up with so many blogs, I very recently had an experience which, by association, made me feel a bit crazy.

I was in the grocery store yesterday and while perusing the blocks of Parmesan cheese for the smallest aka cheapest one, I spotted the hummus.

Now, I know people that eat hummus and love it and I also know people who would rather shove bamboo under their finger nails than digest the stuff. I myself have never tried it.

But as I'm standing at the case, I'm thinking "Man....if Mckmama can get her kids to eat this stuff,maybe it is good."

I don't know Mckmama IRL. (in real life)
But I stalk, I mean follow, her blog.
Consequently, I've never met her handsome, hummus loving boys.
The only proof that I have that they eat the stuff is this pic.
And that's all.

Does that make me crazy? To associate something with someone I've never met? I felt a little bit like the men in white coats were going to pop from behind the case and escort me from the store.
Maybe I need a new hobby? Nah.


Helen said...

Is this your way of telling us we need to block you from reading our blogs? ;)

JK Jen! I do the same thing. Sometimes I'll find myself talking about some of the blogging mommas I know and my husband asks who I'm talking about. LOL!

Nan said...

How was the hummus? I've never tried it...I'm a wimp when it comes to new foods!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

So????? Did you buy it???????? Was it good???? 'Cause I've had the same thoughts.
My best friends are fellow mommy bloggers... ;-)