19 May 2009

Georgia Stuff on my mind.

I finally gave Caleb his summer haircut. I have yet to get a picture of it, but I will. It's amazing how I got used to seeing him with longer hair over the winter and now his haircut looks so different to me.

I'm headed into town in a bit to do a MAJOR grocery shopping trip. Do you stockpile items like pastas and soups? I do and we are dangerously low. So, as soon as I get finished with this post, I'm off.

Now on to the real reason for such a random post. A couple of things.

Please pray for the family of Louise. She went home to heaven late last week and I just found out yesterday through the wonder that is Facebook. She was a wonderful lady who ministered with her husband in the church where Jon and I were married; and she had bone cancer and was taken too soon. Pray for peace for her husband Dave and for her children Michelle and Danny. I know without a doubt that the party in heaven is greater with Louise there, but it is still sad for those left behind, you know?

And then the family of Brock. He's a guy that I went to highschool with; he was a junior when we were freshman. He passed away on Friday last week and leaves behind a wife and young sons. (I found that info via Facebook yesterday too. What a day.)

Then lastly, but maybe most urgent on my heart is my Mom. She's having the first 2 of 4 surgeries toward her right side reconstruction* done tomorrow afternoon. It's just outpatient procedures and I'm sure that Dad will be with her, but I'm still a bit more anxious than I should be. It's so hard to be 400+ miles away for things like this.

Thanks friends!


Cliffnotes: Mom was diagnosed with estrogen receptive breast cancer on November 22, 2004, just after her 50th birthday. She underwent 2 biopsies and ultimately a right side mastectomy on January 17, 2005. A course of chemotherapy and a hip replacement later, she is cancer free.

There were 2 things that she was adamant about when she was first diagnosed. She didn't want to lose her breast and she didn't want to lose her hair. When it came down to it, both of those things had to happen to keep her alive. But she was also fairly certain that it'd be some time before she was ready for the additional surgeries that reconstruction require.

And here we are. Thanks to ever advancing medical science, reconstruction methods have improved and she's ready. She's been told that the entire process can take up to 6 months and that most women start the process in the fall, due to there being some pretty obvious size descrepancies and what not. But I can tell you that she is NOT like most women, so she proceeds full speed ahead.

Tomorrow's surgeries will be to first insert the tissue expanders on her right side and then to give the left side a lift. She's pretty excited about the left side procedure! She's not sure of the timetable of the rest, but she's not worried- and she's tough!

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