21 November 2008

Random thoughts part 2.

You wouldn't believe the number of pencils, pens, markers and crayons that were in the drawer in the kitchen.

I'm so tired.

I hate packing. *stomps feet*

Awfully cold overnight. Lovely.

I've been obsessive about getting on the web to look at the pictures of "our" house. I can't wait to be in it!

I can't wait for Tuesday.

I shouldn't have eaten the chips and dip at 2:30; I won't be hungry for dinner.

I miss my Mom.

I can't wait to hug my sister.

Hopefully C will let me sleep in tomorrow morning.

I wanna watch the Michigan/Bl-ohio State game tomorrow, but I don't.

Sometimes people suck.

I really want to meet 2 of my message board friends.

Thank GOD today is Friday!

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