14 November 2008

It's official....I've been sucked in.

To shopping early for Christmas, that is.

Really, I hate that Christmas "comes" so early. We don't even get past Halloween and the tree displays are up in stores. And when I was at WM this week, there is christmas music playing over the loud speaker.

Now logically, I understand why someone would shop early. My mom, for example, hates crowds so it's really nicer for her to get her shopping done early. And if you don't wait till the last minute, you are much more able to find things that you're looking for. But for goodness sake, it's November 14th!

Today was payday, so I thought that I'd get a jump on the boys' lists. Would have been helpful, of course to have M's list with me. Oh well. I was aware of certain things that were on his list and did get some things that I had in mind first. It was much easier to remember what was on C's list, since everything he wanted he announced to his brother as we walked the toy aisles. (M was writing a list!)

I got a start. And I admit, it felt good. I got everything that I had in mind so far and the best part is that I paid in cash! That's a victory in itself, I tell ya.

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