08 November 2008

It's Snowing!

Yes, friends, it's true. It's barely November and the white stuff is coming down! Granted, the ground is still warm, so it isn't really sticking there, but it is definitely sticking to cars and any objects left outside.

Now I guess the bbq should hibernate for the season:

The bushes right outside the front patio. If you squint and tilt your head to the left, you can make it out!

Now granted, by the time I stepped outside to take pics, it was more of a rain/snow mix, so it won't last. And by March, we'll be sick to death of seeing it. But for today, I'm glad that I have no plans to leave the house and I can just watch it come down!

1 comment:

Heather Graves said...

don't feel bad sis it is snowing here too lol