05 November 2008

I really don't like it.

It's 5:31 CST and completely dark out. That means, to me, that winter is coming. Cold, dreary, snowy days where the sun is hidden for what seems like ages. Pretty soon we'll be getting up and it'll be dark and having dinner in the dark. Gah. Bundling up till we can barely move to go outside to freeze. Driving on slippery, sloppy roads. Ick.

Why, oh why does it have to be dark so early?!?!

But that does bring us to Thanksgiving and Christmas, which I love. The food, yes, but more getting to see family. It's a few short days that we get to spend with family every year and it goes by SO FAST!

I look forward to the holidays, but for once, can't we just have them without the winter afterward?!?

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