22 September 2008

Time goes so quickly.

We had a pretty busy weekend. Unfortunately, J was the victim of a raging stomach ailment, so he missed out on most of the action this weekend. I felt bad for him, but it was best that he rest and stay close to a bathroom and not expose anyone else to whatever it was he had. (Fortunately, he was able to get up for work this morning, so maybe he is on the mend.)

M had a soccer game at noon on Saturday. For a Saturday in late September, it was pretty warm outside. M's team won 5-0 and the fourth goal was scored by him. He was pretty pleased with himself and of course, I was also. It was the first time that he scored a goal in quite a few seasons; I think that he was in 3rd grade for his last one. He did get a bit emotional when the game was over when he realized that his dad missed seeing him score, but he is an understanding kid and knew that it was best for J to be at home.

My mother and father-in-law and my sister in law, K and her 2 kids and brother in law, J and his daughter were all in attendance for most of the second half of the game. I guess they all came in one vehicle except J and S, and while they parked in the correct lot of the soccer complex, they went right by the field where M was playing. And all I could do is watch them go; they were at least 100 feet from me and TOTALLY not looking for me; they were looking for and not finding J. By the time they get to me, my mother-in-law says something like "did you see us go by?" and my only response was "yeah, but what could I do?" After soccer, they took the boys out for lunch and to the park.

Yesterday was the occasion of J's nephew S's baptism. It's nice to get together with the other side of my brother-in-law's family; his wife's family are great people. Of course, J missed out on this too; I felt really badly for him. The service was really nice and Jason gave a great sermon. For my favorite brother-in-law, he's a pretty good preacher too. I enjoy hearing him speak. A and her mom put on a great spread of food, and there were plenty of cousins and friends to keep the boys occupied.

While I greatly enjoy weekends like these, it sure does make Monday come fast.

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