08 September 2008

So, here's an update.

Labor Day morning, I wake up feeling very ill. The room is spinning and I have a fever of nearly 100 degrees. Thank goodness that J was home for the day; he kept the boys occupied while I slept. And slept. And ate pizza for dinner, and slept.

Tuesday morning I was feeling a little better. At least the room had stopped spinning. It was about 90 degrees that afternoon and I needed to take the boys over to meet their new teachers. It's only a quarter of a mile from my front door to the front door of the school, but I wasn't feeling that great. We had no choice but to walk, due to the fact that there is such limited parking at the school. We met both teachers, dropped off all the supplies and walked home. As soon as I got home, I took a nap.

Wednesday was the first day of school. I had breakfast with my friend, Stephanie and then had to be to work by 10:30. Armed with a new pack of Kleenex and a bottle of hand sanitizer, off I go. One of the other supervisors gives me crap about being sick and I fire back something about being glad to be out of bed. That shut her up. I also watched Corbin on Wednesday. He got here with his Mom about five minutes after I got home from school. He had a giant meltdown at drop off, but then as soon as his dad showed up at 5:00, he didn't want to go.

By Thursday, I'm starting to feel a little better. They warn about not taking dayquil and nyquil around the clock, but I had no choice; that was the only way to feel even half human. Friday morning I have to call in sick to work. I have no voice and my nose has started bleeding at random and won't stop. Great. Oh, and my right eye is oozing green gunk. Super. I went back to bed a little after 8am and didn't wake up until almost 2pm.

Saturday, I just kinda lay around the house and watch college football. My teams pulled off wins, so that's always nice. I sat through M's first soccer game of the season. I don't remember much except that J's brother and family showed up. And I probably came off as rude because I felt so sick. Later in the day, I drug myself to the restaurant to celebrate M's twelfth birthday, and turned in early; even before C at 9pm.

Sunday meant church and then more football. It was the first day that I felt that I could skip a dose of medicine without dying. My in laws came by last night to give M a birthday present and all my mother in law can say is how sick I look. Gee thanks. Your son gave it to me; blame him.

Today I am feeling about 80% better. I've still had some medicine, and it still feels like C is sitting on my chest, but it is progress. I started taking chewable vitamin C sometime during all of this and I am convinced that it has helped. I plan to continue to take it all school year.

I know I should have blogged all this time, but I just couldn't. Maybe by 2020 when I can be sick without interruption.


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