24 September 2008

Maybe I discovered a "key".

C's behavior at school has left quite a bit to be desired the last week or so. Last week when he and I were both in the principal's office after lunch, part of his punishment was that I made him go to bed one hour early. The next day, he did quite a bit better in the classroom.

Yesterday, the first thing that M reports is that the bus driver had to talk to C in the morning about his conduct on the bus. Now, this is part of the "lecture" that I give to him every morning before school; "keep your hiney seated on the bus until you get to school.......Mrs. F (his teacher) is the boss so you need to listen to her and do what she says......"yadda, yadda, yadda. EVERY DAY. So, I have to lecture C about "what did I say???". Then I find a note from his teacher that he didn't behave properly during work time, ie: making noises, not working, talking.

Needless to say, after I yelled like a crazy woman and took away a den meeting for Cub Scouts, he spent the rest of the evening in his room and was in bed by 7:30.

At lunch time, he is very anxious to report that his "clip stayed on 'Great' all morning". Same goes for the day after the last time I had to send him to bed early. Hmmm. Maybe he hasn't been getting enough sleep.

We'll try an 8:00 bedtime tonight and see. That's provided that he had a good afternoon, of course.

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