19 September 2008

And it starts......

M started trumpet lessons today for 6th grade band. Lord, help my ears. I am sure that he will do a great job, as long as I have the patience to give him time. What helps me is that I am sure that I tested my Mom's patience when I started learning the clarinet in grade school and she didn't even threaten to wrap my instrument around a tree. But then again, I had a basement room also. Maybe that is the difference. And maybe we need to get one of those bell muffler things over the weekend. I'll check with J and see what he thinks.

C was in trouble today. He did great in the classroom all day and let it loose at recess. He wasn't the instigator, but he did retaliate in a way that was unacceptable. So, he and the instigator will spend at least recess time on Monday doing projects with the principal to "build community", as he put it. And then C will be with him on Tuesday and maybe on Wednesday, or as long as it takes for C to learn that his resolution to the problem was not appropriate. I love the boys' principal; he's a very firm but understanding guy. He told me that he knew that C isn't a bad kid, that he just needs to learn the boundaries of acceptable versus unacceptable behavior when put in a position like he was today. I vented some of my frustrations with C's behavior at the principal, I cried, and he gave me a tissue. He told me not to worry; that he doesn't have a "throw C to the dogs" attitude and that everything will be fine. I just pray he's right, or it'll be a long time until 2020.

I am still feeling under the weather and it's been 19 days. I was to the doctor this week for him to tell me that it is indeed viral and that it will have to run its course and that I'm "doing everything right". That was frustrating; and as I sit here, my throat and ears *still* hurt. Grrrr.

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