26 September 2008

Finally. It's Friday!

Ever have one of those weeks that drags on for ever and ever? I did. Thank GOD that today is the end of that.

Some weeks I think that my gig at the school is too good to be true; no fights, no injuries, no tattling. This week however, a completely different story. We just finished the fourth week of school and you'd think that today was the first day. Man. About half of one of the second grade rooms ended up on the wall for noon recess; seems that they had trouble turning their voices off at the sound of the whistle. And second graders know the rules. It's not like the rules changed over the summer.

The paraprofessional in charge of lunch and recess, Mrs. M, told me yesterday that "the grace period is OVER." Now we start cracking down even on the Kindergarteners on things like sitting nicely at lunch and NOT running up the slide. Oh, and a whole host of other rules too.

K-2 particularly was so loud this noon that I could barely hear myself think. Most of the week, the kids all acted like they do the day before a long vacation.

As far as a vacation, we don't see one of those until the end of October. Lord, help us all.

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