10 August 2008

What example am I leaving my children?

We've been attending Christ the Rock for several weeks now. This morning, we were priveleged to be able to hear Stuart Briscoe speak. He was entertaining and challenging, all at the same time.

I like food. I make sure that I eat regularly. Shouldn't it be at least as important that I feast on the Word of God as regularly? Life gets in the way. I have every intention of getting my quiet time in, and more often than not, it doesn't work out.

If I don't regularly spend time in the Word, how will my children know its importance? Aren't we, as the parents, responsible for teaching them about God and His love? While the programs at church are nice, they aren't supposed to be the only exposure that my children get to the Word. The church is only intended as the supplement.

So, in order to teach my children about the Word, I need to know it. And while I am well versed in some books, due to exposure in teen quizzing, other books are a mystery to me. That should not be.

In order to spot phony, I need to know the Truth. And since one meal of food a week is not ideal for me, I need to get into the Word as deeply as I can, to feed my soul with all the the Bible has for me. To get as much "food" in God's Word as food in the kitchen.

And then I can teach my children.

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