27 August 2008

We'll see what today holds.....

Yesterday, I started watching the 3yo grandson of my friend, Diane. He's barely 3, and is really used to getting his own way. He quickly figured out that that's not how it works around here. (My brother doesn't call me a nazi mom for nothing!)

First of all, you must ASK if you want a juice. I'm not in any way opposed to you having a juice, but you do NOT just help yourself into my refrigerator.

Second, I do NOT have to get every toy and game that you see on TV. I am your BABYSITTER, kid. You need to hit up your mom or dad for those things.

Third, we are NOT going to have Spongebob going for the entire day. Just because Nickelodeon runs it for hours on end doesn't mean that I have to see it.

And lastly, if you want my kids to play with you, you need to be nice. Don't get upset with C when he won't play with you after you smash the football into his face.

While the dad of this boy made arrangements with me to watch him, the mom doesn't seem 100% on board. So, he may go to his other grandmother's for part of the afternoon. Whatever the arrangements, I am happy that the committment is only going to be 2 afternoons a week. I couldn't handle more than that.

He's a good boy, and for his first day in a new place with new people, he did well. I just hope he's a really quick learner also.

****Updated**** Today, he did really well. Only a slight meltdown when asked to help pick up the toys. I think that this will work out yet. Although, I still admit to being thrilled that it is only a "twice a week" gig.

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