08 August 2008

Pooh Bear, arm f**ts and other joys.

M and J have taken to playing video games before bed. They are both super competitive and I guess it works for them. Me, not so much.

C and I started a new "tradition" last night. We read in bed. Actually, I read and he listened, but you know what I mean. We started the book 'The Pooh Story Book' by AA Milne. Actually we will probably finish tonight, as the book really only has three stories. And that's okay; C was willing to listen to two.

When we're finished reading, we're lying in bed and he's pulling the skin on his stomach. I tell him that if he keeps it up, it'll stay that way. He giggles at that thought, of course, and it went from that to tickling to making f**t noises with his arms. He was laughing so hard he almost fell off the bed. That is a sound that I can't get enough of.

M and I did our own thing yesterday. While making C some lunch, I started to hum a song from 'Fiddler on the Roof". M says to me, "Mom, what's that you're humming?" "It's a song from Fiddler on the Roof." "What??" (Insert my shocked face here!) Come to find out, this child has lived in my home almost twelve years and NEVER seen that musical.

So that's what he and I did after lunch. I have an old VHS version that comes on two tapes and when we started, I got him to agree to watch the first tape. When tape one was over, this was the conversation:

Me: "We'll watch tape two tomorrow sometime."

M: "How long is it?"

Me: "About an hour. Why, do you wanna watch it?" (Please say YES!)

M: "We could. We have about 3 hours till supper."

Yay! So that's exactly what we did.

More memories. This is really working.......

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