07 August 2008

Family game night

A couple of years ago now, we started a Family Night. One of us was in charge of the evening activity and then that person also got to choose the dinner menu. We had a few weeks of that and then Mom had her hip replacement. I needed to go care for her, and we just never picked up FN when I returned.

So last night I decided that we were going to play a board game. All boys were generally in agreement, since we have tons of games and don't play them often enough. I decided that we would play Life. We added it to our collection last Christmas and played it once; I figured that we needed to make another attempt.

Overall, it went well. C gets bored, cuz it's not really designed for 6 year olds but he agreed to stick it out till the end. J is a bit over-controlling; I had to slap his hand back as he was trying to move MY car around the board.

I ended up with a car full of kids. There was a funny moment when we all laughed at something C said. It had to do with Santa and the "alps". We assume, terrible of us, I know, that he meant "elves". We all had a chuckle at least.

While our first attempt at Family game night in 6 months was FAR from perfect, it's about the memories created.

And that's good enough for me.

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