21 January 2010

just right write

Not much new to report on the home front.

Jon is still technically unemployed, although try telling his boss that. Seems that there isn't much of Jon's work that can be done without Jon's input; I'm surprised his work cell hasn't exploded by now from all the calls. Why he still has his work cell and the office keys is another story, I guess.

He's not here right now. You'll never guess where he went. That's right, to the office. And yes, you read that right, he's still unemployed, ahem, not getting paid. But apparently the boss feels as though he needs Jon to cover his absence brought on by a completely unnecessary trip out of town- till Monday.

Jon told him that he wanted cash upfront. When he told the boss how much, boss's reply was "Why so much?" When Jon reminded the boss of his weekly base pay, he pointed out that this amount was a bargain. And the response was "How am I supposed to get that amount of cash right now?" See a pattern here? Ugh. Guess that out of the goodness of Jon's heart, he's working the next 3 days and then not taking any more calls until he gets paid.

For the record, I told him it was a bad idea to still agree to work without getting paid upfront.

This whole deal makes me angry and sick.

Still no luck getting through to file an initial claim with the UE office either. It plays an automated message that states that initial claims need to speak with a representative, that all reps are busy and the line goes dead.


To keep myself busy and to try and keep my head out of the junk that Jon is stuck in, I've been working long and hard at getting retreat music together. That's been fun. I may even want to lead worship when the time comes. How's that for a switch?

Caleb needed a new winter coat this week. The zipper finally broke beyond repair on his other coat. I got the new coat for a decent price and he'll be able to get a couple winters out of it at least, but it was not in the already-too-tight budget. Yikes.

And the kitten is in heat. Jon is beyond overjoyed. She's better today than she has been for the last several, as long as no one talks to her. The boys think it's hilarious how she howls and it sounds like "Mama". I think that the plan is to have our local vet spay her when our federal tax refund arrives. She's way too young for us to just wait it out.

So that's about all from here. We're concerned about our immediate future, but we're not worried. Worry only keeps us up at night anyhow.

Thanks for your prayers.

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Missy said...

Ugh! Jen, I'm sorry you are in such a sticky mess right now.

Continued prayers for you.