10 December 2009

welcome interruption

Due to a fairly major snowstorm in our area, we were all home for the day yesterday.  Even Jon, whose boss called at noon to make sure he was okay. Sure he's okay; the Honda wasn't going anywhere for at least an hour.

We played in the newly fallen snow. Well, to be fair, some played, while others had to use the snowblower. hehehe.

We baked my favorite cookies. At Christmas time, Mom always made Russian Tea Cakes, aka Mexican Wedding Cookies aka Snowballs. 


We made homemade pizza for dinner.

All in all a great day!

1 comment:

Esther said...

We call those cookies cannon balls, all because of the one year my mom made them and they were as hard as...well... cannon balls!

It was a fun day, wasn't it? And it was fun to send everyone off to school today too!