11 March 2011

Seven Quick Takes

1. Good Morning! The sun is shining and we're hitting the forties here today! I know, I know, but we'll take it.

2. After what seemed like months of suggesting to Jon that he get the den organized and cleaned, I came home last Saturday evening and it was done. He put together the large desk and put the small one up in Caleb's room. Caleb is thrilled and now we can actually leave the door to this room open.

3. I got given a project at work a couple of nights ago and I finished it last night; I was pretty proud of myself to have started and finished without any help, except if you count some consultation with my assistant manager Michelle, who's in charge of my department. Still, felt good to have accomplished it all on my own. The "luxury bath" section never looked so nice.

4. I'm headed to pick up my friend Stephanie in a couple hours and then we're off to Ladies' Retreat. I haven't seen her in about six months, so to just get the chance to hang with her will be awesome; add to that getting to see friends from other churches and this is my favorite weekend of the year. Seriously.

5. I got a reminder call about my doctor's appointment this coming Monday; as if I could forget.

6. We now know first hand why my parents used to say that it's totally true that if you "give a teenager an inch, they'll take a mile". Oy. He's gonna work off that mile, believe me.

7. Rest day today as I got in four workouts this week. I plan to hit the workout facilities at retreat tomorrow afternoon during free time, if I can get my sciatica to settle down.

Have a great weekend, all!


Esther said...

Have a fabulous time at retreat--sing pretty!

amanda said...

praying you had fun at the women's retreat! and this week it's FIFTIES!! even better than forties...by 10 degrees! :)