07 March 2011

back up your work

My husband is in IT and he's always telling people "You wanna back up your work. You will not be happy if you're forced to recreate all your work due to an error on your computer."

That's not really an exact quote.

I bought a new scale just over two weeks ago. Then two weeks ago today, I stepped on it for the first time and it weighed .4 higher than the scale at my doctor's office.

But I didn't stress, I just assigned myself the position of "user 1" and vowed to stay off of it until today.

And I did. And it's in the kitchen. And I'm also in the kitchen A LOT. So the fact that I completely ignored it for two whole weeks is HUGE. Pun sorta intended, sorry.

I was awake before 5am this morning; partially due to not sleeping well from having too much diet coke yesterday and too much on my mind and partially due to Matthew getting up to use the bathroom at 5:11...that's when I finally got out of bed.

All the little details aside, in about 5 minutes time, I found myself ready to get on the scale and find out just how well I'd done resisting McDonalds and pounding for miles on the treadmill.

I stood on the scale and held my breath in anticipation. I couldn't help it.

Five seconds later, it gave me a reading I was fairly pleased with which completely explains why I'm having to pull my pants up at every turn.

But I can't even begin to describe what I was thinking when three seconds later I was informed that I was UP from my previous weight.


I'm pretty sure I recorded.....WHAT?!?!

And not just up, but....get this, up ONE HUNDRED AND SIX POUNDS.

Oh for heaven's sake.

While I'm more than completely baffled as to how that's possible in one minute, the next minute it occurs to me that the difference between what the scale says I gained and what I actually weigh also happens to be pretty darn close to the exact weight of my nine-year-old son.

Apparently the scale is another item that Caleb just can't resist touching.

I gave him a stern talking to, believe me. ;-)

Good thing I'm anal and decided two weeks ago to create a document keeping track of my weight. And I'm keeping it updated too; obviously this scale is not smart enough to do it for me.

Oh, and for the record, I'm down 7.2 pounds in two weeks. I'll take it.

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Unknown said...

yay yay!! You are doing it!!! Way to go! YES!!!!!