10 March 2011

employee challenge

Like I said, I'm a competitor. I'm also apparently my worst critic, but that's another post.

I'm fairly new to my company, so I've been experiencing things for the first time several times over in the last seven months.

This month? The "Walk with Walgreens" employee challenge.

A challenge, you say? Perfect.

Every employee gets a pedometer and I finally got mine yesterday from our district manager. The goal for the company is five billion steps for the month and then we get a "jeans and gym shoes" day corporation wide. That's kinda exciting. We're all on our regional managers team to be the winner based on the average number of steps per person and there are gift cards and corporate recognition involved.

So, I plan to walk for distance, not time, for the rest of the month, starting this morning with a 5k. I'm about 10,000 steps behind my store manager as he got his pedometer almost 3 days ago and I got mine last night at 5pm, but it shouldn't take me long to bridge the gap at home.

Here we go!


Wife of Keith said...

I know you WILL do this!! We will walk extra this weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I haven't used my pedometer in ages - I may have to pull it out! :D