21 March 2011

safety dance

Sorry for my absence from blog-land, friends. The last ten days or so have been challenging. But I'm back and aren't you glad?

C'mon, admit it. You're glad.

I didn't even really stick to a workout schedule in the last week. Amazing how three days off for retreat can morph into a week. Not that I didn't work out at all, cuz I did; I just didn't workout as often or with as much intensity as in the last several weeks.

That's changing this week, believe me. I need to move. Just thought I'd report a little finding first.

I have a pair of black dress pants that I love. As in, when given the choice in what to wear to church, I'd choose these even over jeans. Really. Even though it meant my feet would be tortured in high heels all morning since the pants are too long for flats. And they're comfortable; the pants, not the heels.

I remember when I purchased them three years ago. I bought one size, took them home and over the course of two days, decided they were too tight; took them back to the store, got the next largest size and wore them comfortably ever after.

End of story. Except not.

I went to put on my favorite pants yesterday morning and without looking at the fastener combo, tightened them to where they needed to be to fit my waist.

Um, something was terribly wrong. Instead of meeting the button with the buttonhole, I found my hand holding the inside of the waistband a good three inches past where the button should land.

So I thought, "oh for heaven's sake...these aren't that big, I wore them a month ago." Imagine my surprise when it became apparent to me as I went from our bedroom to the den downstairs that I was not going to be able to just hoist my pants periodically all morning.

But I can't change what I'm wearing, I thought. I've settled on this sweater. And I'm not really liking the way either of my black skirts fit. And I didn't shave my legs.

Keeping with the pants is a must.

But I have to tell you that I then had to go in search of a safety pin to tighten the waist of the pants and then position the gathering just so it wouldn't be terribly noticeable. But then I couldn't get the safety pin closed and had to employ the help of my husband who was only too happy to help.

It's a problem, I know. Shopping will soon become a necessity. Cry with me, will you? :-)


Esther said...

I'll go shopping! Mememememe!

Wife of Keith said...

Weird, for the last 2 or 3 days I've been singing the Safety Dance to Josh... :-)
way to go girl!!! shopping in Gurnee? :-)