11 March 2010


After more than twelve years of living in apartment after apartment, I couldn't wait to get into our house where I could decide what color I wanted to look at day after day.

To be fair, one apartment was off-white, which is a variation, I guess.

I wanted to start painting right away, but it was nearly Christmas, and Jon said that we needed to wait until spring. Some blah, blah, blah about being able to have the windows open.

Spring came and went.

Not that I could decide what colors I wanted what rooms anyway, but that's beside the point.

I wanted color and I didn't really care where it was; just that it was.

But after more than fourteen months of looking at a yellow dining area and a peach living room, white didn't seem like that objectionable of a color.

I've spent the better portion of the last two days coating the dining room walls with primer. Up on a ladder. Down off a ladder. With a roller and then a brush. And it's white. And it's almost done. And I wouldn't really mind just leaving it that way for a bit.

Strange, I know.

But don't worry, I'm picking out COLOR!


amanda said...

i love that you are liking the white for a bit. lol. soon you'll be excited to see the color. be sure to share pictures when you're done!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

When you're done with your house, you can come over to mine...

I think it's something about making your house your OWN. Something we never did in an apartment, that's for sure. I'm excited to see the finished product!