02 November 2009

pictures, please.

We had a great weekend. And one where we were actually all home for a change, so that was really nice. Friday of course, M has a quiz meet, so once again, the weekend will surely go by and we'll wonder what happened.

Someone somewhere warned me once that this would happen as the boys got older. Heck, even 2009 has gone so quickly we're shaking our heads.

**We pause this writing for the purpose of the mad dash back into the house for one thing or another....for them to get back outside just in time to catch the bus....ah, Monday.**

On Friday, we went to our "local" farmers market to choose two pumpkins for carving.  And of course, as I expected, we ended up taking home two of the largest pumpkins on the lot; good thing I only paid twenty-four cents a pound.  Even so, the total kind of took my breath away when the kid nice young man at the stand uttered "thirteen...."  Youzers!

At least our purchase solicited a "holy cow!" from Daddy when he came home and saw the massive offerings weighing down the dining room table.  The boys were pleased at his reaction.

Now there's some sort of unwritten parenting rule that at every activity of any sort, pictures must be taken, right?  Be it for the purpose of preserving memories or embarrassment on their sixteenth birthday, pictures are a necessity, aren't they?

It would seem that my digital camera does not agree.

Now, it its defense, as if it needs one, the camera recently entered its fifth year of use.  I know, I know.  While being totally absolutely fairly barely state of the art then, it is almost an embarrassment to me now.  I mean who walks around with a camera that is only 4.1 megapixels anymore?  I'd almost rather have all the pictures from my classic bad hair years displayed for all to see.

I said almost, people.  ALMOST.

Do you know how frustrating it is to take pictures of priceless moments only to get what looks like it went through a hurricane on the other side?  And the blue 'file error' screen, are you kidding me?  Fanfreakintastic. Oh, and in case you're wondering, no, there's not money right now to make a shiny new purchase- seeing that all that fell from the trees this year is leaves, dang it.

So, I have a few pictures to post this week, but they aren't the quality that I'd like.  And I pinky swear that I will spare you the viewing of the pictures that someone took of the cat doing her business. Someone small and seven, I suppose.

After all, there are some things that do not need captured for posterity.

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