16 November 2009


We just go back from a conference with Caleb's teacher.  She's just so nice.  I take back all the terrible mean not so nice things that I may have said thought about her.
She really does love Caleb, is confident that he is a very smart boy with wonderful ideas, and is just convinced that he is going to need to learn to multi-task someday.

For today, he just needs to get his work done.

To my understanding, she's going to try with Caleb some sort of "good behavior/ getting work done sticker chart" that apparently some of the other kids in her class already use.  And she said that this is a way for us to better know how it is he's doing in the classroom from day to day.

Because the music on the bus is loud and it makes him forget, you know.

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Esther said...

That music. Gets me every time too.