09 June 2009

That's a first....*

*alternately titled "if tomorrow the bus never comes."

Oh, I have a love/hate relationship with small towns. Okay, right now, mostly hate. Ugh. Everybody knows everyone and you're expected to know everything about every aspect of town. *sigh* Being new to town is not an excuse. You can never ask enough questions and they are never the right questions anyway......

So the bus normally comes at 7:12. By 7:20, the boys were still waiting for Ms. Tami and Matthew was a bit nervous. I told him to wait, and that if she hadn't come soon, we'd get in the car and I'd get them there.

At 7:30, still no bus. One of the neighbor kids who lives up the cross street comes to the corner to look down our road, and Matthew yells "She hasn't come yet and I don't see her!" Great, and now the rest of the village knows that too; thanks, kid.

So, I tell the boys to get in the car and I grab my shoes and purse and head out the door. Granted, I am unshowered, dressed in sweats with my hair in a ponytail, but I promise Matthew that I won't exit the car and he's okay with that. Well, it's either that or being late for school without a good excuse...you pick.

Thank goodness that there are other parents in that town who drive their kids to school. There was what seemed to be no parking at the elementary school the whole two times that I had to pick up my kid during the day. The secretary mentioned some obscure access road when we took the building tour in December, but she didn't offer any more details.

Let's just say I found it today. Take a left just before the building and it takes you to the back parking lot with playground access. I just followed the other cars in front of me and at least now I know.

There's some discrepancy as to whether Ms. Tami is driving their bus tonight or if anyone is, for that matter.

When we were in Appleton, we lived so close to the school that on the rare occasion that there wasn't a bus, I just sent them walking. I miss that.

Thank goodness for track season; otherwise I'd not have had a clue as to how to drop off Matthew at the middle school either.

How lame.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Makes me glad that I carpool with friends. Even if we did have bussing from Marion to St. Martin, I probably wouldn't put him on it. Just don't like the bus! Chin up, school ends soon!