26 June 2009

So little time, so much to do!

So, Jon is officially on vacation starting tonight. We're gonna have a bonfire, since Matthew is back home.

I love going on vacation, but I hate getting ready for vacation. The laundry, the lists, the packing. And this year it seems that Jon has more to do than ever so that we are NOT the creepy house on the street when we get home next week. Aka- he wants the lawn mowed.

And why does it seem that it's going to be harder to get out of the house "on time" with an extra child? Maybe not, but 6am comes early!

Now, I have a question for you....Whitefish Point in Paradise, MI OR Tahquamenon Falls in Paradise, MI?!?!


You see, Jon has finally worked at his job for long enough to get another week of vacation; so he's up to three weeks. He's already taken one day of those five extra days, but still has the others intact. (And technically the whole other week is intact as well, since Christmas is still a ways off.)


It was his idea to still leave my parents' on Sunday next week and then come home through the UP; taking till Monday afternoon to get home rather than Sunday evening. And maybe make stops at some of the places we have driven past/through over the years and always said, "you know, it'd be nice to stop there".

So his idea was to go to Tahquamenon Falls on Sunday and then Whitefish Point on Monday. It'll take about 6 hours of driving time to get to TF from my parents and WP is about 40 minutes north of that.

Now, we've been to each of these places, but not since Matthew was under four years old. So, it'd be nice to go again; we just can't decide which to do.....

Whadda ya think?

Oh, and on a side note; we started putting our coins in a jar when we got home from MI last summer. And little by little, the jar got heavier. When we counted it by hand a couple of months ago, it had just over $40 in it.

Jon took it to the credit union on Tuesday and cashed it out for sixty-five dollars and seventy cents! That'll go towards something on Sunday or Monday next week; park fees, ice cream, something. Just think how much it would have been if we'd have been hard-core about it!!


amanda said...

have a nice time!! do both. :0)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I agree with Amanda. Do both. Those falls look amazing--that's going to be some great hiking! Have fun, and please don't kick me out of the car if I stow away along with you! ;-)