06 May 2010

who's your daddy?

When I was very young, I remember hearing my mom call my dad "daddy" from time to time. Most of the time she called him "honey", but sometimes.....

Jon's birthday is tomorrow. Caleb loves to create, so I suggested to him that maybe he'd want to get out the card making supplies and make a card to give to Jon. He was excited and immediately started talking about markers and ink and glitter, oh my.

I helped him with the cutting and the ink and he took over with the color. He asked me if orange was an okay color to write with on the inside of the card and I agreed.

I'd vetoed yellow; it's hard for ageing eyes to see, you know. Ahem.

He asked me if he could have an envelope and I agreed. I said "Why don't you write Daddy's name on the front; that way he knows it's for him."

I turned my back to begin cleaning up the card-carnage.

In just a minute, I couldn't help my shock at seeing what he'd written.

It says "Joe".

Trying not to laugh, I said "Do you see what you've written?" It takes him a second, but he looks at me sorta sheepishly and says "Oops, I think I need a new envelope. It's supposed to say 'Daddy'.

Maybe he knows something I don't.

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