25 March 2010

get up

Being at retreat was definitely a "mountain top" experience.

Being home this week has been a rather harsh dose of reality.

Caleb's struggling. We're struggling to help him. His teacher is an eternal optimist, bless her. But the school psychologist couldn't be dragging her feet any more, and that's frustrating.

I had more than one huge moment this week where I felt like everything we're doing for Caleb is wrong and that I just wasn't cut out to parent any child, let alone one who is experiencing all this difficulty with school and having issues at home as well.

But it was pointed out to me that no parent is perfect, just as no child is perfect; and that the most important thing we can do for Caleb is to love him. And to let him know that we love him.

And to remember that God loves Caleb even more than we do and He wants what's best for him infinitely more than we do.

We'll plod along and figure it out, knowing that Caleb is in God's hands and there is no better place for him.

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Esther said...

Prayers for you, friend. :-)