04 March 2010


One thing that makes my husband crazy about me is that once I get in my head that a project needs to be done, it needs to be DONE. From start to finish, same day if at ALL possible.

It makes me seriously anxious to start something and leave it unfinished. I don't care if to finish something is going to take me into the wee hours of the night; if I can finish before I have to succumb to sleep, so be it. All the better.

And he thought that all of my "less desireable" qualities were from my dad. Haha. This one has "mom" written all over it....you should have seen Jon's face when he heard the cold, hard truth straight from my mom. Priceless!

Anyway, when we bought this house, there were lace "curtains" all though. We went and put mini blinds up in all the bedrooms for privacy's sake as well as looks, but we left the lace curtain on the bay window in the living room. Mostly because I just couldn't decide what to do there anyway. I hated how it looked, but not really enough to change it.

Well, adding to my growing desire for change is this darn kitten. She saw the long lace as an invitation to climb to the top of the window; and climb she did. Several times. Leaving little tiny holes all up and down the curtain.

Yesterday, I decide that NOW IS THE TIME for change. Something MUST be done. Thinking that it'll be quite a bit harder for Miss Dina to climb a valance, that's what I was thinking needed to go there. I was almost giddy with excitement when I discovered that the Wal-Mart closest to me did indeed carry a navy blue valance! Like dance- in- the- aisle kind of giddy. I obviously need to get out more.

It took me about an hour and a half to complete on my own, as I took the old rod and hardware down and added all new. Go big or go home, I guess I was thinking. If I'd have had an extra hand, that've been good. But I managed. And here it is.

I apologize for the picture quality, I didn't remember to take one until this morning. But trust me, it's better.

Jon noticed right away, which is a record for him, and his response was "I like it." That's approval right there, I tell ya. High praise indeed. Now if I could just decide what color to paint the room.


amanda said...

loved that you danced in walmart. well almost danced in walmart. :0) i've been known to get giddy over crazy fun things too!!

Esther said...

Oh, man, and to think I shopped in Appleton and missed the dance. Bummer.

Looks great!