12 October 2009

sometimes, I like to brag

With my posts last week about C, I have to turn it around this morning and tell you that I am so proud of him!

You knew it was gonna happen at some point, right?

We'd been studying together for a health/science test that he had to take on Thursday last week. It was a unit about keeping your teeth healthy and eating healthy foods. He got a bit annoyed with me when I had him recite the four types of teeth and the 5 food groups FIVE TIMES EACH.

Oh, the horror.

But I am thrilled to tell you that it paid off with a score of 100%! He was so excited!

And the other boy? Amazing. He's involved in his first year of the teen quiz program through our denomination. I had warned him that sometimes the transition from children's quizzing to teen quizzing is tough- it works completely differently. He was okay with that and wanted to give it a try anyway.

Well, he missed the first meet of the year last month with all that Influenza type A mess that we had to endure. But he was ready for the meet this past Saturday. Even though he huffed and puffed at me several nights last week when I told him to go study rather than take in a cartoon marathon.

Again, the HORROR!

But he found that all the studying paid off. Imagine that. He ended up taking third place in the rookie division and brought home a shiny new medal as proof! Woohoo!

And the best part? Neither one of them burst into flames.


Esther said...

We're just pesty moms, aren't we? This work right now will come back to them someday, when they have actual study skills in college. Imagine that!

Missy said...

Yay! Congrats to both boys! (and mom)