20 July 2009

It's a girl!

Meet Dina (think the Disney classic film 'Alice In Wonderland' here), born the end of May. We picked her up on Saturday from a neighbor of a friend of my sister-in-law Elaine.

So far she fits in really well. The boys just love her! And even Jon's been able to tolerate her longer than I'd ever seen. (He's *so* not a cat person. Too bad for him. LOL)
She's so little yet that she is smaller in length than Jon's shoe (size 11) and she hasn't figured out how to quite get to the top of the stairs. It's just too cute.

Caleb seems to think that he needs to pick her up as soon as he spots her. She is only too happy to let him and then her motor starts to run! She's quite a cuddler.

We look forward to many years with "our girl".


Esther said...

She is completely adorable! I love those kitty motors.

Helen said...

What a cute kitten!

betty said...

she is adorable!!! I'm sure you will enjoy her very much!