27 December 2010

Two Years

Two years ago today, everything in the apartment was packed and ready to go.

We waited for family and friends to arrive, who had generously donated their time to help us load a truck and drive to the new house.

Loading didn't seem to take as long as it had ever taken before for any other move.

As we drove out to the new house, it was foggy and starting to get icy.

When my in-laws arrived, it was downright nasty outside.

We have a large 5-day cooler which we loaded with food from the refrigerator from the apartment. As soon as I finished unloading the cooler at the house, my first thought was "Who's gonna take the cooler back to Appleton?"

Good food was brought in and we ate well after most items and boxes at least found the appropriate floor of the house to stay.

I cried while my father-in-law offered a prayer blessing us in our new home.

I'm tearing up thinking about it even now.

We haven't made many changes, even cosmetically, since that day. But with each passing day, it feels more like our home.

And we've no plans to leave it anytime soon.

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