30 December 2010

plan b

Today the boys and I were supposed to have lunch with Matthew's godmother, Stephanie. But sometimes things come up. So, when we were planning to leave at ten, at 9:15 we found ourselves "all dressed and no place to be".


Well, that did give me time to get some laundry going. Then I decided that since I had been planning to buy the boys lunch anyway, we might as well head into town for lunch.

We'd called Jon to see if he wanted to join us, but unfortunately, he was unavailable.

We drove through the drizzle and fog to A-town and had a delicious lunch of "2 for $20" buffalo wings and chicken tender baskets. Water for me, Mt Dew for Matthew.

Mini- cheeseburgers, fries and Sierra Mist for Caleb, in case you wondered.

Matthew's best friend Eric lives about 2 miles from where we had lunch so he asked me if I would mind stopping to see if Eric was home. He was pretty pleased to see that Eric was indeed home and that Lisa (Eric's mom) said Matthew could stay the afternoon if he'd like.

Caleb and I went shopping. Alas, we have come to the conclusion that the only way to get a cheap 7' artificial Christmas tree will be to be at the store as soon as they open next December 26. There was not a tree of any size in the whole place. Not really surprising.

The cashier asked Caleb if we had a real tree. He told her no, it's a fake and she said "well, I see you must have a cat" hence, the bag of Cat Chow on the counter; all her brain cells were firing, that one. She said that she has a real tree and that her cat kept drinking the water from the stand.

Bat cat.

She did say that it should be that the older Dina gets the less interested she'll be in the tree. For Dina's sake, I hope she's right.

And Caleb has decided that Pretzel M&M's are "wonderful". Have at 'em, kiddo.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Pamida had a couple of trees left on Tuesday. You may want to check there...

Katherine said...

We have had some tree dissaster stories of our own over the years..and some shopping/cashier stories to tell as well. Perhaps I should give this blogging thing a try.