05 December 2010

stream of consciousness

The van is on the fritz again. One minor thing started happening as soon as the weather got cold, then Wednesday morning on my way to work the "check engine" light came on. Jon took it next door to the auto part store to get a diagnosis and TWO codes came back, both transmission related.

It's still "under warranty" for what that's worth, so it goes in tomorrow morning and is supposed to be done by Tuesday.

I'd tell you how the whole situation makes me feel but my mother taught me never to say those words.

We have about 1/3 of the Christmas shopping done. We went yesterday afternoon and actually only had to make two stops to get everything we were looking for- for now. I may have made an error though, in telling the boys that we were going shopping- C said "Why do you have to go Christmas shopping, Mama?" I thought quickly and said "Well, you know how you get one gift from us and Santa brings the rest? We're going to shop for what we're getting you." He immediately produced his list of toys from the Fleet Farm catalog.

Then late last evening he said "Are there presents in the car?" It won't be long before Santa's cover is blown in this house.

The cat has been quarantined to the back half of the house. She won't stay out of the tree despite our best efforts so that was the only solution. She's not happy about it, but she's been chewing through ornament strings.

Wednesday and Thursday were great days for sales in cosmetics. I didn't earn much PM either day, but the boss was over the moon about the overall sales total and he told me that the PM's will come. It was nice to be acknowledged for the sales at least.

We ended up watching a parade that our kid wasn't even in this weekend. There weren't enough bus drivers to get the entire marching band to the beginning of the parade route on Saturday and our kid was one of the ones left behind. When the bus went back for the second load of kids, they were diverted due to the parade getting started and when they finally arrived at the lineup, the high school principal told the driver to take the remaining musicians back to the school.

When we didn't see M as the band went by, we just figured that he'd ended up on the other side of the street and we missed him. Imagine our surprise and shock when we picked him up at school thirty minutes later and he told us that he didn't even get to participate in the parade.

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