19 March 2009

You don't have one? Get one!

A bottle of Zout stain remover, that is!

C had a bloody nose at school a couple of weeks back. Due to some miscommunication with his teacher, said shirt spent nearly three weeks looking like CSI: evidence. Last Thursday night I wrote a note to his teacher asking if she could help C find his shirt; he seemed to have no idea where it went.

Friday after school, I am informed that the shirt has been in the very front compartment of his backpack the. entire. time. Really? The entire time? We'd each checked his backpack on several occasions.

Oh, well. No matter. Said shirt is now home, and that's what matters. How to get the nearly 3 week old blood out, is the question.

The answer? Why Zout, of course! And I am SO not kidding. Lieterally, a few sprays to cover the stain, a little rub, a toss in the wash and voila- a clean shirt! I was so happy! And, yes, I know there is more to life than that, but it really was exciting!

**On that note, I'd love to hear your "back from the brink" stories on stains and any removal tips you have!**

One more thing. This is the last post for this week as I am headed out of town this evening and won't be back until Sunday evening. Annual Ladies Retreat for church in Eau Claire- can't wait!

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~~Missy~~ said...

Hmmm....I swear by Shout. I don't know if I could switch.