13 March 2009

I want candy.

M has a big opportunity coming up next spring. The middle school band is taking a trip to Disney World over spring break of 2010.

In order for him to be able to go, he needs to raise over $600, so he has been participating in fund raisers that the instructor set up. The fundraiser right now....candy bars for $1.

Of course, Jon and I have to do our part, and we have each purchased (and eaten) several bars. And we have even given C permission to purchase a few.

Here's where the problem lies. We let C keep his candy bars in his room. He'd done well restraining himself from a random sugar attack until two evenings ago, when just before bed, I noticed that he had a brown smear on his mouth.

When I asked him how that happened, he tried to lie, thinking that it was his only option. After cautioning him that lying wasn't wise, he started to cry and fessed up. So I calmly ordered him to march upstairs and bring down whatever remains of the candy there were.

He comes down with the remaining quarter of the bar with a big bite out of it. *groan* He handed it to me and I handed it to Jon. True to form, it went straight into Jon's mouth.

You should have seen the look of dispair on C's face.

And since my opinion was that it wasn't enough, as further punishment for his crime, he was without dessert last night and will also have to obstain tonight.

Which is torture since I just baked brownies.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Oh, wow. Abstaining from brownies. Ouch. You mean mom, you!
I love school sale candy bars. Does he have the caramel kind? Maybe I'll have to get directions to your house and buy a couple! ;-)