06 March 2009

Nope, not gonna do it.

I love my husband's family, really I do. And I love that it takes us nearly two hours to get to most of them for a visit.

But the thing that I love most? My husband is such a sucker for his own bed that he will invent almost any excuse in the world to have to come home after a family gathering. This is a good thing.

My sister-in-law just graduated from nursing school. We are all very proud of her and her kids are throwing her a party tonight. While I look forward to the party, I look forward to the drive HOME afterward- even if it is almost two hours and will be quite late.

Jon has spent most of the week compiling his "reasons to come home" list and I have had the privilege of hearing all of the reasons at random.

The best one, in my opinion? First thing this morning, he says to me- "We can't stay tonight, we have our date tomorrow."


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