25 May 2011

(Sorta)Wordless Wednesday - the pictures don't lie

(June 2010) I love that baby (my nephew Carson) on my lap, but good grief....I mean. really. And yes, I keep this picture on the fridge to remind me of lots of things; how little I thought about myself, how sad I really was at letting my weight get out of control, how embarrassed I was at having my picture taken, and most of all, how I'm never going back there again.

(May 24, 2011) getting there.... I'm still not crazy about having my picture taken, but I'm beginning to see that all my hard work is paying off, and even though sometimes I still feel like I'm in the body of the top picture, it's obvious even to me that even that is beginning to change.


Emily said...

WOW! You look amazing!

Wife of Keith said...

It's June 17th. I expect a new pic with your little Carson on your little lap!! We want to see how tiny you are!!! Love you Jen!!