26 May 2011

(random) 30 day shred - day 16

- I just finished my sixteenth workout for 30 day shred and it was my sixth workout with level 2.

- I've taken four days off since I started day 1 on May 6th.

- Wanting to be a "graduate" of the system before we leave to visit family on June 12th, I need to get the workout in every day until then to finish on the 10th, which is the first day of summer vacation for the boys.

- I hate squat thrusts just as much now as I did in gym class.

- I'd rather do jumping jacks for days than plank jacks. Dude.

- Two workouts ago, I decided to see if I could actually do the pushup part of the "walkout pushups". My form isn't great, but I did them. You should see my developing biceps. heehee.

-If you don't think that a 20 minute workout can leave you screaming for relief from the burn, gasping for air and wishing for death as an end to the torture, you'd be totally wrong.

-But changes in the mirror and in the fit of my clothes are proof that if you're tough enough to stick with it, it totally works.

There ya have it. :)


Unknown said...

Your FB profile pic is amazing!!
Thanks for all your inspiration. I am ready for my date with Jillian tomorrow! Love ya!!

Julie Dickson said...

So true, my friend! So proud of you! I look forward to working out again. 4 weeks and I can!!! :-) Keep it up!