10 May 2011

on Mother's Day

I was pretty proud of my boys this last weekend.

We're without a pastor at the moment, as you may know, so Sunday was my "turn" for pulpit fill. Our church board secretary had asked me if I'd preach and I told her that I'm not a preacher, I was a preacher's kid, big difference, and she said "how about a mission lesson then?"

As I'm about to complete my first year serving as local church mission president, that I could do.

I spent several days thinking and praying about what it was I was going to present and just kept coming back to the Haiti Water Project. Basically, this is a missions outreach through our denomination that aims to provide the Haitian people with clean drinking water.

For the unfathomable cost of one dollar. One dollar provides one person in Haiti clean water for one entire year.

Now, I'm not creative at all, but I really felt like this project was something that my church and I could donate to, so I covered an ice cream bucket in paper and printed pictures of little tiny faucets and the title Haiti Water Project and armed with some scissors and glue, I created a vessel in which to collect the money.

I had two video clips also, one for an update after the January '10 earthquake and one specifically about Haiti Water Project and the boys watched both clips on Friday after school. Then Caleb looked at me and said "I have dollars, Mom" and he went upstairs and came back down a few minutes later with eight dollar bills and placed them in the bucket.

"Those kids on the video need clean water, Mom, and I can help." I almost burst.

Matthew participated in Sunday's service as part of an instrumental trio, he persented a solo and he took part in playing with the pianos. He did a great job. And he didn't hesitate at all when I asked him to come forward during the presentation to help me out.

And my church family has responded greatly to the need of the Haitian people.

I couldn't be prouder.


Brian said...

Great story, Jen. And this on Mother's Day?

Stephanie said...

Awesome Jen! I love the part about PK vs preacher. But I bet you could do it!! Missing you and your big smile!
( The only thing still big on you!)