16 November 2010

we tried

and I'd say for the most part were successful at getting a great pic of the boys for the Christmas card this year.

Getting a picture of Jon and I was another story entirely.

We started out with M taking it and there were many problems. Not the least of which being that we were indoors so the lighting was awful. Then there's the added issue of Jon wearing the same color as the background; even shooting in black and white, that didn't work.

After almost forty five minutes of trying and failing to get something decent, we just stopped trying.

Jon did say something about waiting until we visit my parents and getting a picture then. I'm not a patient person and I sometimes quite often get a "burr in my saddle" and kinda want it done NOW...but ultimately to get what I want, I guess I'll have to wait.

Good thing Walgreens photo can get them done same day.

So, I leave you with some outtakes from my shoot with the boys yesterday. After more than a dozen posed shots, things started to get out of control. It tends to happen.

And it's okay.

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