03 November 2010

blah, blah, blah

To tell you that we had a wonderful weekend celebrating our anniversary wouldn't cut it. Not even close. We went to the museum, visited a beautiful park and a furniture store all on the same day and there were no little voices saying "are we done yet? I'm tired" Or hungry or whatever the case may be.


And it's really too bad that we still have too many bills and not enough money because I can tell you that if the situation were reversed, the first thing that we'd do is pay off the mortgage with the next thing being that very same day we'd call about getting a whirlpool tub installed in our home. But only if we could also soundproof the bathroom so we couldn't hear incessant knocking and requests for "ice cream in a bowl" from the other side.


And when I get tired and frustrated with my work schedule and the hours that I'm forced to keep, I just have to continually bear in mind that such an anniversary weekend would have never been even close to possible without my income. And that makes it better.

We're taking a long weekend this month to go visit my family. Again, if my work schedule is generously accommodating. And I can't wait. That means that we're home for Turkey Day, but I'm working 9-1 that day anyway, so it's okay. Hopefully our invite for dinner still works out...

C went on a field trip to "the caves". I asked him if he saw any bats and he said yes, but that his teacher told the kids to not shine a flashlight at them as they are starting hibernation. Eeew. Jon was pretty pleased with that C was one of the "cleanest boys to get off that bus"; crawling through "muddy" caves all day is what we'd been told they'd be doing so we were pretty unsure of what to expect. That was a pleasant surprise.

M has a "Rock and Roll" concert this week. We missed him playing "Amazing Grace" on the trumpet on Sunday morning. When I mentioned that to Jon he said "It's okay, we live with him; we can ask him to play whenever we want."

Wise words.

At some point over the weekend, C's coat disappeared. And he only had one coat. Something about some little boy may have mistaken it for his and taken it home sometime on Sunday, but no such luck in finding it. So as of yesterday, C has had four winter coats in 5 years due to things like broken zippers and cases of mistaken identity.

The tags are still on the new one in the event that the less-than-a-year-old one remembers where it lives and returns home, but we don't hold out much hope.

To balance all of the coat buying out, we did realize that the last new winter coat that M had was just as he'd started fourth grade, but it's still completely frustrating since boxelder trees do not grow money.

That's all folks.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

If boxelder bugs grew money, WAHOO.

And OF COURSE your dinner invite will work out. We usually don't eat on Thankgsiving until 3ish, and can make it later if need be. I'm already planning a menu--including PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE. mMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm

Kelley said...

That's so nice that you had a great weekend with your husband! I am looking forward to a weekend like that for our anniversary in a couple of weeks.

On another note, your comment on my toilet paper post over at Scary Mommy made my laugh. That was a funny coincidence!