24 November 2010

My ABC's of Thanks!

Finding Joy  The ABC's of Thanks
I thought I'd link up for the ABC's of Thanks on this snowy Thanksgiving Eve eve.
a) Animals. As family pets.
b) books. I always love having new books to read
c) coffee creamer. I look forward to the abundance of new seasonal flavors this time of year
d) Diet Coke. Enough said
e) examples. My Mom and Dad for sure.
f) friends. I don't know what I'd do without mine
g) gravy. Goes great with mashed potatoes
h) husband. He's far from perfect, but perfect for me
i) ice cream. Yep.
j) jobs. It's great to be employed
k) kids. all kids; they're our future
l) love. God's love for me. Amazing.
m) music. I've always loved music.
n) november. which reminds us that we're all greatly blessed
o) optimism. I'm not very good at this, but I'm trying
p) plumbers. available as soon as we call. Yay.
q) quiet. especially on my day off
r) restful evenings. when my husband has everything taken care of when I get home
s) Starbucks. double yep
t) teachers. they work SO hard to teach our kids. be thankful if your kid gets a good one!
u) umbrellas. kept us dry at the end of soccer season
v) vacations. whether with the kids or not, it's nice to get away.
w) water. clean drinking water is so essential
x) x-tra capacity washer which makes laundry easier
y) you, my readers and friends
z) zany life, but we wouldn't change it
"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever!"


BARBIE said...

What a great list! I too look forward to all of the seasonal creamers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel said...

Wonderful list. I'm glad you listed x - I forget how thankful I am for that x-tra LARGE capacity laundry machine for my family. That's what I love about these lists --- they've reminded me of just HOW blessed we all are.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

And thank you for linking up.


Rachel said...

And I must ditto Barbie and you on the seasonal creamers. My husband laughs when he opens the fridge -- so many creamers stuffed inside!