15 September 2010

that won't work...and a new baby

I'd originally set out to do a Wordless Wednesday post, then it dawned on me that Jon had taken the tower to the office. Something about needing the harddrive. And I don't have any pictures loaded to the laptop; I only have access to them from the desktop.

Oh well.

C told me this morning that his teacher has the same game that we have here. And she has the Clue Jr. books too. And she spent a lot of her own money for the things in her classroom. And her husband told her not to spend anymore, but she spent an additional $100 to repair the math books.

I said "Wow, she tells you guys everything, huh?"

I had dinner with my bf last night and her baby boy. He's almost 9 months old and so adorable. And as I mentioned in this post, I've known for only a couple of weeks that she's very pregnant with baby #2.

Now when she was pregnant with baby J last year, I could have possibly been the only one who didn't know that he was a boy. I'd simply asked her not to tell me, as I like that kind of surprise.

When we sat down to dinner last night, one of the first things I said was "So, did you find out the gender of this baby last week?" She said yes.

"And you're not gonna tell me?" She reminded me that I didn't want to know. Right. I like surprises.

I played with the baby the whole time we had dinner. When it was time for me to head home, she asked me to stay with J so she could run to the bathroom. No problem.

When she returned to the table, I said "Hey, I have a question. If I was to ask you if you'd tell me the new baby's gender, would you tell me, but keep the name a secret once you choose it?"

Obviously aliens had taken over my brain. Who am I?

She said "Sure"

I took a deep breath and said "Okay, tell me."

WHAT?? This is nuts! I don't really wanna know, do I?

When she said "It's a .....", I got so excited I started to cry.

I can't wait for the birth of the new baby!


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