13 September 2010

monday musings...on a positive note

Why is it that weekends away from work go so quickly? At least Jon and I got to go for breakfast on Saturday morning; seemed forever since we'd been able to do that.

All the football teams we care about in this house posted wins over the weekend. That's exactly how it should be!

Worship was great yesterday, with the exception of my "technical difficulty". Seems that in our rush to get to church early for choir practice, I left my purse on the kitchen counter. That left me without my phone, without offering for Sunday School and most importantly, without my thumb drive containing the lyric powerpoint for worship. And we were over halfway to church when I said to Jon "Where's my purse?" Gah. I confessed my blunder to our music director who told me just to type in the selections not in the hymnal and that we'd just use the hymnal for the rest.

A copy of all my powerpoint files will find its way onto the desktop in the church office this next weekend. No crisis, but I was a bit nervous that on the very first weekend that I forgot the powerpoint in two years the district superintendent and his wife would be visiting. Yep. And Shawn Del didn't even fire me.

But on a positive note.....

On A Positive Note Button
Beth over at Laugh Until You Cry created this carnival that I thought was great; to start off the week with something positive! So here's my entry...

I'm working two 11a-8p shifts this week, but the upside is that I get time to myself in the morning once everyone else is out of the house...to watch the news, slowly enjoy my coffee or write (or read) blog posts. That almost makes up for being at work till almost bedtime for Caleb.
Have a great Monday, everyone!

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Beth P. said...

Thank you SO much for joining in! That is a great thing to be positive about! Those quiet hours are rare and precious, enjoy them this week!