27 July 2009


We took a day trip to the Milwaukee Co. Zoo last week. We'd been once before, but no one can remember when it was; doesn't that tell ya something?

Anyway, when we were there, we visited the building exhibit entitled "Wings from down under". What a cool place!

Basically, it was a free-form habitat where you could enter (for an additional $2.00 per person) and feed parakeets, cockatiels and Eastern Rosellas, all which are commonly found in the wild in Australia.

Caleb thought it was cool to be so close to the birds! I just had the bird on right on the stick at first, then the bird on the left flew on to my hand and scared me! I shrieked! Aren't they pretty though?

Caleb was "done", so Jon took his feeding stick. Jon also discovered that the yellow and green bird did NOT want to be petted! LOL

Matthew was very patient, as usual, and let one little bird eat the whole stick!

There had to be at least 200 of those little birds of all colors in the exhibit! That was by far the highlight of the day!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Glad you had a good time! :-)